57 Chevy Bel Air
Season 2, Episode 4
Air date October 17, 2011
Written by Chuck Lorre & Mark Roberts (Story)
Don Foster, Mark Gross & Carla Filisha (Teleplay)
Directed by James Burrows
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57 Chevy Bel Air is the fourth episode and the twenty-eighth episode overall of the second season of Mike & Molly, which was aired on October 17, 2011.

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Molly wants to save money for their wedding, but Mike is interested in buying Vince's 1957 Chevy Bel Air. In spite of Molly's objections, Mike buys it for $7800. Carl and Rosetta love the car. To convince Molly, he takes her for a ride, and she starts to like it. Mike finally tells her that he has already bought it. When the car starts to give trouble, Mike demands a refund, but Vince refuses. Joyce interferes and gets them $7250. Molly then reveals her bad financial status to Mike. Molly, Victoria and Joyce discuss wedding location.

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