Joyce's Will Be Done
Season 6, Episode 5
Air date February 3, 2016
U.S. viewers 8.45
Written by Al Higgins & Brian Keith Etheridge (Story)
Rob DesHotel, Michael Glouberman & Steve Joe (Teleplay)
Directed by Michael McDonald
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Joyce's Will Be Done is the fifth of the series finale (Season 6) of Mike & Molly which was aired on February 3, 2016.

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After her younger, health-nut yoga instructor drops dead during a session, a shaken Joyce starts to plan for her own death. Molly is thrilled when Joyce gives her a beautiful ring that belonged to her grandmother, then becomes furious when Joyce says she is leaving the house to Victoria, until a combination of Victoria showing she has her life together and Joyce having a benevolent reason for her choices placate Molly. Meanwhile, Vince and Mike ponder the possibilities of life after death.

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