Joyce & Vince and Peaches & Herb
Season 1, Episode 17
Air date February 21, 2011
Written by Mark Roberts & Don Foster (Story), Mark Gross & Al Higgins (Teleplay)
Directed by James Burrows
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Joyce & Vince and Peaches & Herb is the seventeenth episode of the first season of Mike & Molly, that originally aired on February 21, 2011.

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Molly wants Mike to take her out more often, while Mike decides the couch is his best friend. On Carl's suggestion, Mike decides to make Molly dinner and just stay home, but Molly is bored and decides to hit the town with her sister, Victoria. Mike visits his mom who tells him about her relationship with his dad, which was boring. Mike finally tracks down Molly & goes to the club. Vince takes Joyce out to see Peaches & Herb and has sex with her on the stairs.

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