Officer Michael Biggs is a Chicago Police officer attempting to shed some pounds. He is humorous and thoughtful. Mike is a huge fan on ball games like the cubs baseball, bulls basketball, and bears foot ball of Chicago also a fan of bowling and fishing.


Jack Biggs Edit

He is Mike's father. He used to work as a Chicago PD officer. When Mike was Younger his dad ran away to Florida with a prostitute.

Peggy BiggsEdit

Peggy Biggs, Mike's mother. She is very controlling and traditional, as well as grumpy and cranky. She often refers to her husband leaving her and running away with a prostitute. Althought she is very cranky and sometimes rude she really loves her son and can be quite soft with family.

Molly Flynn Edit

Molly is Mike's wife. She was a teacher but wanted to be a writer and so she became one.She has written a book about her mother-in-law Peggy. She is a really nice and caring wife with a slight shopping addiction. She is also the mother of her and Mike's adopted son William and the mother of their unborn baby.

Carl McMillan Edit

Mike his best friend and the lover of his sister-in-law Victoria. Carl and Victoria are also the godparents of William.


Mike is a Police Officer along with is crime fighting partner Carl McMillan.

Behind The ScenesEdit

Michael "Mike" Biggs is played by actor Billy Gardell.


Michael Biggs has Brown blue eyes

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