Molly Flynn-Biggs




Mr. Flynn (Father ; Deceased)

Joyce Flynn (Mother)

Victoria Flynn (Younger Sister)

William Michael Biggs (Adoptive Son)

Unborn Child (With Mike)


Fourth-grade teacher (Prior to Season 1-Season 4)
Writer (Season 4-Present)



Michael Biggs

Hair Color


Eye Color


Played By

Melissa McCarthy

Molly Flynn-Biggs, a fourth-grade teacher at Walter Payton Elementary School, also attempting to lose weight. She is sweet, happy, very intelligent, and caring. She is the rational member of her family, but is known to have a quick temper and has built up much debt from lavish shopping and traveling. Many students still call her Miss Flynn. She quits her teaching job in Season 4 to become a writer.

Family Edit

Joyce FlynnEdit

Joyce is Molly and Victoria's mother. She is a widow and is now married to Vincent Moranto, she attempts to stay in her youth and is very modern.

Victoria FlynnEdit

Victoria Flynn, Molly's dimwitted, party girl sister who is often high on marijuana. She is employed as a beautician at a funeral home. She likes to have fun and usually sleeps with married men.

Mike Biggs Edit

Mike is Molly's husband. He is a Chicago PD officer. Other than the fact that he loves Molly very much, he is simple man with simple needs.

Peggy Biggs Edit

Peggy is Mike's mother, meaning she is Molly's mother-in-law. Peggy is usually crucial to Molly even though she loves her very much.


Molly was a fourth grade primary school teacher, but she quit her job to become a writer. Her first book got published in season 5.


Molly has brown hair and green eyes

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