The Bitter Man and the Sea
Season 5, Episode 22
Air date May 18, 2015
U.S. viewers 8.45
Written by Al Higgins & Jim Patterson (Story)
Julie Bean, Mark Gross & Carla Filisha (Teleplay)
Directed by Michael McDonald
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The Bitter Man and the Sea is the twenty-second episode of the fifth season and the one hundred-twenty-second episode overall of Mike & Molly, which was aired on May 18, 2015.

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It's Mike and Molly's third anniversary, and Mike makes plans to take Molly and the family on a cruise of Lake Michigan. However, bad blood is still lingering between Carl and Victoria, so Mike has to uninvite Carl even though Carl gave him the idea for the cruise. While Molly is thrilled with the cruise, the situation puts Mike's relationship with his partner and best friend in jeopardy.

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