Victoria Flynn
Full Name Victoria Flynn
Actor/Actress Katy Mixon
First Appearance "Pilot"
Number of episodes
Relatives Joyce Flynn (mother)
Molly Flynn (sister)
Michael Biggs (brother-in-law)
William Michael Biggs (adoptive nephew/godson)

Victoria Flynn, Molly's dim-witted, party girl sister who is often high on marijuana. She sometimes is smart. She is employed as a beautician at a funeral home. She likes to have fun and usually sleeps with married men.


Molly FlynnEdit

Molly Flynn, a fourth-grade school teacher also attempting to shed some pounds. She is very sweet, happy, intelligent and caring.

Joyce FlynnEdit

Joyce Flynn, Victoria and Molly's mother. She is a widow and has been dating Vincent Moranto. She attempts to stay in her youth and is very modern.


Victoria is a Beautician at a funeral home. In one episode it's made clear that she has a lot of money since she doesn't have to pay for things since her boobs 'kicked in'.

Behind The ScenesEdit

Victoria Flynn is played by actress Katy Mixon, who appeared as a guest appearance on the hit comedy tv series Two and a Half Men.

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