Victoria Flynn




Molly Flynn (Older Sister)

Joyce Flynn (Mother)

Michael Biggs (Brother-In-Law)

William Michael Biggs (Adoptive Nephew/Godson)

Unborn Niece or Nephew


Funeral Beautician


Many mostly married and single men

Carlton McMillan (Boyfriend/In Love With)

Hair Color


Eye Colour


Played By

Katy Mixon

Victoria Flynn, Molly's dimwitted, party girl sister who is often high on marijuana. She sometimes is smart. She is employed as a beautician at a funeral home. She likes to have fun and usually sleeps with married men. Just like my ex-girlfriend who cheated on me for 3 years with every fucking dude across the street of where I live.


Molly FlynnEdit

Molly Flynn, a fourth-grade school teacher also attempting to shed some pounds. She is very sweet, happy, intelligent and caring.

Joyce FlynnEdit

Joyce Flynn, Victoria and Molly's mother. She is a widow and has been dating Vincent Moranto. She attempts to stay in her youth and is very modern.


Victoria is a Beautician at a funeral home. In one episode it's made clear that she has a lot of money since she doesn't have to pay for things since her boobs 'kicked in'.

Behind The ScencesEdit

Victoria Flynn is played by actress Katy Mixon, who appeared as a guest appearance on the hit comedy tv series Two and a Half Men.

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